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The Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant completed an audit of the corporate quality management system conducted by Kemin Industries LLC for compliance with the requirements of international standards for feed safety FAMI-QS and GMP.

The company Kemin Industries LLC specializes in the field of development of animal feed and liquid additives, one of the components of which is an antioxidant purchased at Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant. Wanting to avoid risks associated with the purchase of components manufacture and quality of which do not meet the requirements of world standards for quality and safety, the company conducts regular audits at their suppliers based on the results of which they decide on the possibility of further cooperation. One of these audits was held at the petrochemical site of the joint-stock company Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant. The production of Agidol feed grades “K”, “Ch” and Agidol-1 crystalline was subject to evaluation.

During the audit, the Head of Quality Assurance at Kemin Industries LLC (Lipetsk), Ms. Irina Serezhenkova has visited international certification department, production shop N-13-14, and the technical control department. Her field of interest included organic certification; compliance with the requirements of the Halal certificate in the production of antioxidants (in particular, special preparation of containers for transportation); origin of raw materials; the implementation of preventive control over food products and animal feed listed in the law “On modernization of safety standards for feed and food products”; staff training in quality and feed safety; cleaning and disinfecting inventory and equipment to prevent contamination of finished products, as well as monitoring the content of undesirable substances in it; availability of all necessary documentation; laboratory research; logistics issues and more.

The expert of Kemin Industries LLC noted the high level of professionalism of management in functioning of the QMS processes, competence, awareness and staff involvement in the process of improving product quality and the effectiveness of the system as a whole, production culture with the functioning of the 5C system.

The audit made it possible to conclude that the production of Agidol of feed grades “K”, “Ch” and Agidol-1 crystalline organized at the Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant complies with the requirements of international standards for feed safety which means that the mutual cooperation will continue.


JSC Synthez-Kauchuk

2013 ǻ