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Racers participating in the Silk Way 2019 International Rally picked gasoline produced at the Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant to refuel their cars.

The Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant joined to support the international project - the Silk Way Rally-Marathon, which took place 6 - 16 July across the territory of three countries: Russia, Mongolia and China.

The race was long and exhausting and therefore became a real test for all participants and the equipment. Motorcyclists, four-wheelers, as well as crews on off-road vehicles and trucks have overcome a total of five thousand kilometers - from Irkutsk, along the steppe roads of Mongolia, the Chinese plains and sands of the Gobi desert to the city of Dunhuang. During their way, the athletes refueled their cars with various types of fuel - diesel, gas-diesel and gasoline, including SF-100 gasoline produced by the Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant.

This year, over 50 thousand liters of sport gasoline were delivered for the Silk Way rally marathon. During the race, this high-octane fuel was used by gasoline off-road vehicles, since it is most adapted to high temperatures. Drivers noted the high quality of gasoline (compliance with the technical characteristics of the specified data) and the operation economy.

SF-100 gasoline, developed and adapted to the characteristics of Russian racing and engine building, having a lower content of harmful emissions in exhaust gases, increased speed and completeness of combustion, ensured stable engine operation, high acceleration dynamics, making the gas pedal more responsive and sensitive, and the race - spectacular and extreme. In addition, Avgas 100 LL aviation gasoline was filled to Cessna aircrafts which ensured uninterrupted communication throughout the route.

The most powerful riders of the world drove along the Silk Way. It is pleasant to realize that the success of the riders is a bit of the merit of the Sterlitamak petrochemists producing high-quality fuel for various purposes.


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