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The Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant continues to improve the production of aviation fuel.

In the production shop N-2-3-7 of the Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant, a program for automation of the finished product loading into barrel containers for shipment to consumers was implemented. Preparatory measures were carried out at the end of 2018, which allowed the installation and commissioning of a semi-automatic facility by the spring of this year.

The dosing and filling machine is designed to fill steel barrels with a finished product. It consists of a weighing system and a packing fitting. The weighing terminal is connected to the filling device and is controlled by a programmable processor with an operating console. The functions of the operator are minimized: check the correct placement of pallets with containers on the mini-roller conveyor, unscrew the empty barrels, start the facility by pressing a button, and then close the filled barrels. Actually the process of filling containers with a product is performed automatically according to the established program, with a guarantee of weight accuracy. The machine can operate in manual or automatic modes, with the required speed. To ensure the continuity of the cycle, it is enough to bring pallets with empty barrels in a timely manner, remove the filled ones, and take care of sufficiency of consumables.

The use of the semi-automatic loading system allowed to minimize the total time of a cycle, achieving maximum productivity, eliminate the risks associated with the "human factor", improve the working conditions of the staff, as well as to increase production and environmental safety.


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