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The enterprises of the petrochemical group "TAU Petrochem" are preparing production facilities for the autumn-winter season of 2020–2021. The implementation of the repair program will allow to minimize the risks of equipment malfunctions and technological disturbances, will ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of all facilities with their own heating system.

Six months are given to prepare production and administrative facilities of the company for operation in the autumn-winter season during which the heat and power supply systems, interdepartmental communications need to be adjusted, buildings and structures have to be repaired.

The program traditionally starts in spring and it begins with drawing up a list of defects, as the chief mechanic of “TAU Petrochem” LLC Alexey Akulshin said. The summary list of repair works includes defects identified by technical specialists during the diagnostics of the heating collector, as well as activities identified by the workshop workers as significant such as repair of heat traces, doorways and roofs, heating systems for control and measuring instrumentation boxes, glazing of buildings, replacement of heaters, heating device registers. Priority is given to the most critical positions when accomplishing the list.

Employees of the RTO and MPO workshops of “Khimremont” LLC were involved in the program to prepare enterprises for the autumn-winter season: they took over all the installation and insulation work, and also the isoprene rubber production units have been fixed by the contractor"s workers.

The heating system is planned to be ready for operation by the end of September, the power plants will undergo technical inspection for confirmation of the ability to operate without failures during the low temperatures season. The remaining repair activities will last until the 1st of November.

It is planned to spend about 20 million rubles within the program of preparation of the petrochemical enterprises for functioning the autumn-winter season.

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