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Technicians of the “TAU Petrochem Management” LLC who ensure the safety of production processes at petrochemical enterprises have been trained as part of the qualification upgrade program.

During the week Labor Protection and Environmental Protection Departments employees of “TAU Petrochem Management” LLC studied the features of the internal audit of the occupational safety and health management system which is subject to the requirements of the international standard ISO 45001-2018 and the environmental management system within the ISO requirements 14001-2015. The training was arranged in format of seminars with the involvement of “MELS Consulting” coaches (St. Petersburg).

As Head of Labor Protection Department Liana Miroshnichenko noted: “Internal audit is one of the most effective tools for raising the management system level to international standards, revealing the hidden resources of enterprises and optimizing them for further improvements. We have been using it in our work for over 10 years which has allowed us to build a sufficiently effective industrial safety system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2015. However, like any process it must be upgraded. Integration of the occupational safety and health standard and the environmental management standard requirements within the framework of this system guarantees more comprehensive assessment of the activities of our petrochemical enterprises in the designated areas; this will allow us to develop relevant development strategies in the future. "

JSC Synthez-Kauchuk

2013 ǻ