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JSC SPP is a financial backer of the small aircraft congress in Pervushino

The second All-Russian General Aviation Congress and the 15th gathering of small aircraft fans took place on the basis of the Pervushino airfield on July 29, in Ufa, in which representatives of the management of the Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant took part. JSC “SPP” is a financial backer of the conference and actively supports the development of small aircraft in Russia. The forum lasted for three days and was divided into three stages: on the first day, a congress and a meeting with partners and financial backers of the event took place. The next day, a music program, seminars and lectures were organized for guests and participants, the third day - demonstration performances of the aerobatic teams in the sky.

The head of the petrochemical industry Alexander Drygin made a presentation about the Sterlitamak petrochemical plant. Talking in detail about the industrial products of the plant, Alexander drew the audience"s attention to aviation gasoline AVGAS-100LL and B-91/115, the production of which the enterprise has been engaged in for about four years, gradually increasing its capacity and expanding the geography of supplies.

“A pilot sample was received on April 2015, we received a positive opinion about it from the Institute of Civil Aviation in May. In 2016 a technological scheme was developed, which also received the approval of the Civil Aviation Institute. In April 2017, we began to produce the first of our gasolines - AVGAS-100LL,” says Oleg Shurupov, General Director of JSC “SPP”.

The company"s specialists took a responsible approach to the preparation of the fuel recipe, carefully selecting the components. The first batch of AVGAS-100LL aviation gasoline was received in October 2016, and already in 2017, production began on an industrial scale. According to the results of studies carried out in a specially accredited laboratory of the company"s research center, the physical and chemical indicators of the product fully corresponded to the values ​​of similar indicators established by GOST R 55493-2013. With the release of the product into mass production, the quality is maintained at a consistently high level. This allows Sterlitamak aviation gasoline to successfully compete with foreign analogues produced according to ASTM D910-11 and DEF STAN 91-90 standards (confirmed by the results of the Dutch laboratory "Intertec").

In 2017, the company created a working group for the development of the B-91/115 gasoline formulation, the definition of the product production scheme, which is operating in parallel for the production of AVGAS-100LL. It took the company"s specialists a little more than six months to implement the “Technology for the manufacture of a pilot industrial batch of B-91/115 gasoline in accordance with GOST 1012-2013”. The test results confirmed the compliance of aviation gasoline B-91/115 with the declared GOST and the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union, which is a kind of preference for its use in civil aviation.

On the basis of the scientific and technical center of the testing center of JSC “SPP”, the only laboratory in the Volga Federal District was created, which has an expanded scope of accreditation of gasoline: B-91 is tested for 17 indicators, AVGAS-100LL - for 15 indicators.

The company is constantly developing, which is why it is important for the management of JSC “SPP” to stay in close contact with consumers of aviation gasoline and understand the specifics of the development of special aviation. Aviation gasoline is produced in full compliance with environmental protection requirements.

For four years JSC “SPP” expanded the geography of supplies to the scale of the whole country - from Central Russia to the Far East. In addition, the company exports products to Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Armenia. Further plans are to enter the markets of the far-abroad countries, in particular, the aviators of Venezuela are interested in Sterlitamak fuel.

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