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Gold medals of the "First flight" aerobatic team using fuel from JSC SPP Avgas100LL

The XIV World Aerobatics Championship took place in the Polish city of Torun at the end of July. The Russian national team consisted of professional pilots Dmitry Samokhvalov and Konstantin Borovik - pilots of the First Flight group. 35 athletes from 9 countries competed for the title of champion.

Dmitry Samokhvalov became the absolute world champion in aerobatics - he won five gold medals! Our team also took gold in the group rankings.

During two years JSC “Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant” has been a partner of the capital"s athletes and provides aviation fuel for participation in various events. Developed by JSC “SPP” - high-quality and stable during storage Avgas100LL aviation gasoline, ideal for extreme flights and guaranteeing confidence in control. Fuel from JSC “SPP” is produced only from high-quality components and in full compliance with high requirements for environmental protection, and the performance of the product fully complies with the standards established by GOST R 55493-2013.

“I am proud that our team will take all the gold of the championship to Russia! The final period of training camps took place in extreme weather conditions, when the air temperature rose above 35 degrees Celsius. It is difficult to work not only for an athlete, but also for an airplane under such loads. We would like to express our gratitude for cooperation with our partner - Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant for the supply of high-quality and aviation gasoline Avgas100LL. This allowed Konstantin and me to focus as much as possible on safe and effective training. Let this experience become a guarantee of good luck for our future victories, ”commented the European aerobatics champion Dmitry Samokhvalov.

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2013 ǻ