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AGIDOL-1 CRYSTALLINE (Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT); 4-methyl-2,6-di-tert-butylphenol; 2,6-di- tert-butyl-para-cresol)

DESCRIPTION: Agidol-1 crystalline is intended for use as an antioxidant additive E321 in food industry to improve the quality of edible oils, fats, to protect against oxidation of polymers in contact with food.

REACH: 1907/2006/ registered

CAS: # 128-37-0 EINECS: # 204-881-4

Empiric formula: C15H24O


Appearancewhite crystals without foreign impurities
End melting point, , not lower70.0
Main substance content, %, min99.9
Water content, %, max0.025
Other alkyl phenols content, %, max0.1
Ash content, %, max0.002
Colour, APHA, UOM, max10
The manufacturer guarantees compliance of Agidol-1 crystalline with following parameters
according to Directive 231/2012/EC laying down specifications for food additives
*Solubility testsInsoluble in water and propane-1,2-diol; freely soluble in ethanol
*SpectrometryThe absorption in the range 230 to 320 nm of a 2 cm layer of a 1 in 100 000
solution in dehydrated ethanol exhibits a maximum only at 278 nm
*Specific absorption (E1m1%) in ethanolE1m1% (278 nm) not less than 81 and not more than 88
*Sulphated ash, max, %0.005
**Arsenic, max, mg/kg3
**Lead, max, mg/kg2
**Mercury, max, mg/kg1

* Data is not included in the product ertificate of analysis (CoA) for each batch. **Analysis of the parameters is performed once a year.

PACKING: it is packed into multi-layer paper bags of 20 kg, then it is put on pallets and wrapped by polymer stretch film. It is allowed to pack the product in other packing agreed upon in the established order.

TRANSPORTATION: it is transported by all types of transport in covered transporting means in accordance to all rules of cargos transportation standing at transport of this form.

STORAGE: it is stored in a closed warehouse at a max temperature 40o, avoid direct sunlight.

GUARANTEED SHELF LIFE: 18 (eighteen) months from date of production. After the expiration of the guaranteed shelf life, the product can be used for its intended purpose after checking for compliance with the requirements of this specification.


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