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13 / 10 / 2011
LLC "Management Company "Tau Neftekhim"

LLC "Management Company "Tau Neftekhim" was created and started working on the 12th of August for the united governance among the largest petrochemical enterprises of republic of Bashkortostan - JSC "Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant" and JSC "Synthez-Kauchuk". The new structure has taken over the functions of the joint management of public companies, subsidiaries, within its competence - to attract investment, to carry out business functions, to produce the current financial management and accounting. Management of the company assigned to the Board of Directors headed by its chairman - Muginov Damir Fathullovich and general director –Iosif Grigorievich Rutman.

30 / 05 / 2011
JSC «Synthez-Kauchuk» and «SNHZ» are awarded with the certificate of the official sponsor of the International forum «Bolshaya Khimiya»
JSC «Synthez-Kauchuk» and «SNHZ» are awarded with the certificate of  the official sponsor of the International forum «Bolshaya Khimiya»

450 largest Russian and foreign companies-leaders of petrochemical plant, among which are JSC “Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant” and “Synthez-Kauchuk” submitted an application for participation in the First International forum “Bolshaya Khimiya” in Ufa, which official opening took place on the 26th of May. Participants of the event have discussed the project plan for the development of petro-gas chemistry in Russia till 2030, and also investment projects of general federal level, which are designed to solve the problem of raw material and infrastructural supply of the branch.

25 / 04 / 2011
JSC «SNHZ» - is the winner of National award Colden Mercury
JSC «SNHZ» - is the winner of National award Colden Mercury

The honorable diploma of Commercial and industrial chamber of Russian Federation was awarded to the best exporter in industrial production sphere - joint-stock company «Sterlitamak petrochemical plant» on the results of a regional stage of competition for the National award «Golden Mercury». The enterprise has a high reputation and it is considered the largest petrochemical company in Russia, CIS countries, in the world in the sphere of manufacture of synthetic rubbers, phenolic antioxidants, high-octane additives, MTBE and other petrochemical products. In 2010 share of export in total amount of manufacture was forty one percent. The right to participate in All-Russia competition is given to the winner.

02 / 02 / 2011
The best Engineer of the year
The best Engineer of the year
- such estimation of professional skills on all-Russian level were awarded engineers of JSC “SNHZ”, participated in the traditional competition “Engineer of the year-2010”, which was held under the patronage of Government of Russian Federation.     On the results of the first round the honorary title “the professional engineer of Russia”, certificate and the special sign in nomination “Industrial production management” was awarded Oleg Konstantonovich Shurupov – technical director-chief engineer of the enterprise.    The Diploma “Winner of the first round of all-Russian competition “Engineer of the year”, version “Engineering art of youth” in nomination “Oil and...
11 / 01 / 2011
Product under code SKS-1739
Product under code SKS-1739
   On the threshold of the New Year experimental batches of new product – high styrene emulsive butadiene-styrene rubber SKS-1739 have been received in the JSC «Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant». The given mark is the analogue of SBR-1739 which is applied abroad in manufacture of high-speed tires of group "A" for racing cars. In domestic market the new kind of product is only to make the first steps.    The basic difference of SKS -1739 from other butadiene-styrene rubbers – is its high ecological compatibility which is reached due to use as a softener oil Normann-346 with the low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Besides, the protectors of tires made of this rubber, have the improved coupling with a wet road...
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